Client Testimonials

Brad Feld

I have a goal to run a marathon in every state. Gary's coaching has helped me prepare for a majority of the races I have completed. It's comforting to know that he understands my goals and is looking at my data while preparing my workouts each week.

Susan MacDonell

I'm a stronger and more confident runner thanks to Gary and his coaching. His training programs challenge me to go further and remind me to do more than just run. The support and encouragement I get from the community he brought together with Endurance Base Camp helped me gain confidence in my abilities and pushes me to go further and take on new challenges.

Ryan Martens

De-risk your first marathon - get Gary!

With a bit of peer pressure and good timing, I signed up to run my first marathon at 52. I had run a dozen Bolder Boulder races over the years, but never even raced a 1/2 marathon. It was clear there was a lot I did not know about running a marathon and I did not want to wade through all the opinions, so I hired a coach that worked with my friend. Gary quickly set me up through Training Peaks and put me through some runs and interviews. We discussed the goals, options and training strategy and I was off on three months of training. Gary's experience, empathy and weekly process worked great for me as I traveled from 10,000 ft, to 5,000 feet and sea level during the period. We worked on hydration, nutrition and staying injury free. Gary and I met the day before the marathon and spent a few good meals and a 5K run as a warm-up for the big day. Thanks to his coaching, I finished easily right at my anticipated time. It was a hard final 10K, but it was never a question if I would finish. It was a workman like effort with a joy and without struggle and anxiety. Now, I wonder where number 2 will be? Thank you Gary!

Wendy Crowe

Endurance Base Camp and particularly Gary Ditsch has been a complete blessing to myself and to my family. From being part of the running groups to specialized training for half marathons and more have allowed myself and my husband to achieve PR’s in many races. It is more than just training, but the constant support for a healthier life, emotional support during hard times and having someone to cheer me/us on when we need it the most. This is our 6th year with Gary and Endurance Base Camp and I can’t imagine our lives without them in it. Because of you now our son has signed up for his first half marathon! Thank you Gary for all the training plans, for all you do and for your friendship!

Jason Greer

I’m currently working with Gary training for my second half marathon with him and third overall. He adjusts my workouts weekly based on my progress and feedback from heart rate and other data. He is quick to make adjustments based on changes to my schedule and or travel and I can always count on positive feedback. Most importantly to me, I always feel well prepared for the next step up in time and or distance. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to runners of every level.